Deck 13 Interactive’s second action-packed hardcore game, The Surge, is published by Focus Home Entertainment. Lords of the Fallen was their first foray into the niche, and it cemented them as a serious competitor to the industry giant Dark Souls. Hardcore action games can be incredibly difficult and progression may seem impossible. You should know what to do before playing to avoid being sent to the recycle bin.

As the name implies, Power Cores power your exoskeleton. The power core can be upgraded at the med-bays using scrap tech metal. The upgrade of the power core does not affect Warren’s statistics, but increases your core’s capacity. The power core is used to determine which michael akkawi conquest level doors you can Overcharge and open, as well as how many implants your rig will be capable of. Upgrades to the core will determine which levels of doors and implants can be installed on your system.

You can become stronger and more resistant by installing implants in your exo-rig. Each attachment will use some of your power. It can be difficult to find the balance between your energy needs and what you get out of it, but when you’re able to heal nine times as many enemies instead of just three against a particular boss this will make all the difference.

You can upgrade your gear with the scrap metal technology at Gear Assembly bays. Materials can also be obtained from enemy enemies. Keep in mind, upgrading the power cores at the medical bay will not change your stats. Upgrades to your equipment will increase the damage you can do and improve your defense. After defeating enemies, you can use the upgrade material to improve your weapon. Most enemies attack as soon as they spot you. They want to get closer so that they can break you.

Backstabs are a great way to get the upper hand on your enemies. They act as critical hits and do extra damage. This gives you more time to stagger or knock them down while planning out next steps. The enemy will be on patrol in small groups, but they are usually spread out over a large area. You can draw the enemy’s attention one by one and then lead him into a separate area, away from the other enemies. This will give you the room to defeat them. This can be done with a drone so that you do not have to approach them personally.

You can use some of these areas to your advantage. You don’t need your buzzsaw to defend yourself if you get your enemy to land in the toxic waste area. If you don’t spend or bank your scrap metal, also known as experience/XP points in other games, you could lose everything you own if you are killed.

You’ll get a multiplier for each enemy that you defeat. The multiplier is negligible at the beginning of the game, but as you keep rolling and don’t spend or bank any, your scrap will soon be awash. You’re meant to get the crap kicked out you in the big scheme of things. If you don’t know how to identify telegraphed threats, you are likely to suffer a great deal of harm.

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