Click the Night Shift icon in the lower right corner of the Displays Menu to configure the feature on your Air. The Night Shift feature automatically adjusts the display colors to warmer shades after darkness falls. This can help improve your sleep if you are planning to work late at night. The Night Shift tool allows you to choose whether the feature is on or not, and on what schedule. You can also adjust the temperature of the display by sliding a slider between warmer and cooler to preview the effect.

You can also customize the display of your MacBook price in Srilanka by using this menu. The Brightness Bar can be adjusted manually to increase or decrease brightness. You can also disable macOS’ automatic brightness adjustment feature by checking the box.

You can register multiple prints to make your life easier. While only one fingerprint is required to activate Touch ID, you may want to do so to save time. Click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner and select System Preferences > touch ID. Click the Add Fingerprint to add additional fingerprints to Touch ID’s database on your Mac. Up to five fingerprints can be registered per account.

It’s a great idea to set up your Apple Watch to unlock your MacBook without having to touch it. Press the Apple key again, then navigate to Security and Privacy in System Preferences. You can now use your Apple Watch for unlocking apps on your Mac.

Trackpad settings on MacBooks may appear simple. But you can customize them to suit your preferences. Navigate to the System Preferences tab by clicking the Apple icon in the upper-left corner. Take some time to explore the options available.

You may want to disable Natural Scrolling if you’re an experienced Mac user, like Tom’s Guide Senior Editor and MacBook Air enthusiast Henry T. Casey. This will cause whatever you’re browsing to scroll in the direction that your finger moves. Tap Scroll & Zoom, then turn Scroll direction Natural off. Try both Trackpad directions and decide which one you prefer.

The speed at which the cursor slides across the Trackpad is another setting that people often tweak. Open the Point & Click menu in the Trackpad and slide the Tracking Speed needle up or down to adjust your cursor speed.

MacOS has a feature called “Hot Corners” that allows you to access shortcuts for common tasks simply by sliding the cursor in a corner. Hot Corners are enabled by default for only one shortcut: Quick Note. This allows you to quickly create a note within the Notes application simply by sliding the cursor in the lower right corner and selecting the pop-up icon.

You can also add Hot Corners short cuts to other corners by opening up the Apple menu, and selecting System Preferences, Desktop, & ScreenSaver. This desktop feature is not in the Desktop Menu. Instead, you need to click on the Hot Corners… option in the Screen Saver menu.

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