There’s one thing you need to make sure your gift is perfect: gift wrap. Or maybe you forgot to get the holiday wrapping papers at the store. Maybe the spare gift bag you thought was in there somehow got forgotten. Perhaps your budget doesn’t have the funds for something extra. Don’t fret! You can make lovely gift wrapping from everyday items. For retro-inspired patterns, you can use old envelopes, shopping bags, and printer paper as blank canvasses. We will show you how to do it.

The thickness of this paper is ideal to wrap easily. To avoid being able see through the paper when wrapping, you can use two sheets. However, the downside is that copy paper can be quite small. If you want to cover large items, you may have to use several pieces. For the look you want, you can use a paint pen or marker on paper to draw designs youreverydaygift. The New Memphis movement is all in bold retro patterns like dots, sprinkles, and curves. The hand-drawn look this season is very much in fashion, so make sure you use it to the best of your ability! There’s no need to be perfect. Memphis-Milano’s style is your inspiration

Shopping bags are a great option for wrapping paper. Don’t use grocery bags! Instead, shop at other stores and buy larger bags. These bags give you large sections of paper. Actually, you can use any color shopping bags here.

If you are new to the site, Craig my husband and I live full-time on our RV. We’ve been enjoying a full-time, travel lifestyle for nearly 4 years. It taught us how to slow down and live a more intentional, smaller life to fully experience the joys of full-time traveling and adventures. However, holidays still cause me stress. I am a generous person and I love to see my grandkids excitement over a new item.

Even though it is a moment that fills me, it soon turns to ache, especially when I start seeing the piles upon piles full of toys left by well-meaning family and friends. How is it possible for a child to have 50 toys in his playroom? It’s simply not possible. They will not even remember which toy it was. If it isn’t tied to an event, they won’t. They do sometimes. I am not advocating for no toys to be given to the kids. It’s part of being young.

My family didn’t have too many “things” as a kid. I think this is why I spoiled my grandchildren and own children with so many gadgets and toys. It’s not like I wanted them to have the same desires as me. I thought I wanted even more back then. Wow, I really did pass on the “overconsumption” gene. While I do bear most of the responsibility, it is fair to say that society also played a significant role. If you look at all the ads you see for the latest holiday gift ideas from September through December, it’s easy to get sucked in sometimes.

When I think back on my most memorable Christmas gifts growing up, it is a big one. My first concert! It was a Captain And Tennille show. Even if the name of Captain and Tennille is not familiar, it’s likely that you’ve heard of “Love Will Keep Us Together”. It was my favorite gift for the experience it offered me. It was a great way to learn about live music. That was an experience I will never forget.

I want this for myself and for our children and grandchildren. I want to make sure they have unforgettable experiences. It could make a difference in their lives. I want you to do the same.

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