Nintendo Switch is one the most well-known home consoles, having sold nearly 37,000,000 units in July alone and more than 10,000,000 in Europe. In order to reach a larger number of gamers, developers and publishers are making it easier to port videogames for Nintendo Switch. To be successful, Nintendo Switch porting has to meet one crucial factor: indisputable excellence. Starloop Studios has a wealth of experience porting videogames and we offer some tips to help create a realistic understanding of Nintendo Switch porting. Even if you’re deciding to how to port a game to switch outsource your game development project to someone else or work with your team internally, you need to understand what Nintendo Switch porting is all about.

Every console vendor wants to make sure every submitted game runs smoothly on the platform. To do this, you must first ensure that there are no bugs in your submission and that it meets the technical requirements for the platform. It is important to have qualified QA personnel from Nintendo Switch to make sure that the game runs correctly according to the requirements of this platform. This saves you both time and money. It will help you prepare for the difficult submission process. Starloop Studios offers game testing services for high-quality Nintendo Switch porting.

It is important to ensure you always have the latest SDK when you start your Nintendo Switch game development process. This will help avoid potential problems. Even though Nintendo Switch may release new SDK updates during your team’s work, it is essential to always have the latest SDK. Unity will require more work to update the SDK because it is proprietary software. You can make minor changes to your game with Unreal Engine.

It is essential that you take the time and work necessary to optimize your GPU. Optimizing graphics for video games must be of high quality, especially if they are built around stunning art like the 3D diving experience ABZU. A team of technical artist must be well versed in the job and will link the game developers with the art. They are invaluable in large Nintendo Switch porting initiatives, where they can make a big difference in GPU optimization. Starloop Studios offers a collaborative game development outsourcing service that will allow you to have creative expertise at your fingertips.

Remember that Nintendo has a 4 GB memory limit, and you can only use 3.17 GB. Even though there is a limit to the memory, this should not hinder the Nintendo Switch Porting process. It is not necessary to create different strategies or tactics at the beginning to ensure your game fits within this memory limit.

The original version of a game is what a player expects to see on the next platform. The UX on Nintendo Switch must be compared to the original game and analyzed to determine if it meets the requirements. If porting games is not as easy as it sounds, it can take a lot of effort.

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