It doesn’t matter which type of surgery your back has undergone, or how much pain you have been able to control, you must avoid twisting, bending and lifting. The spine is put under unnecessary pressure by bending from the waist or lifting over 10 pounds. Slowing down is necessary to avoid bending, twisting, or lifting. These are all movements that we do without even thinking. Squat instead of bending at the waist to get something from the floor.

Consider using a Reacher if squatting becomes impossible because of joint pain or limited flexibility. The device, which is basically a claw on the end of an extended handle, allows you to pick up lightweight objects such as magazines, phones, and remote precio de operación de hernia discal controls while maintaining a neutral spine. Consider wearing slip-ons, slippers or sturdy slippers during the recovery period. You can avoid having to bend over when putting on your socks or shoes.

Even though you should be cautious with your activities during recovery, it is not necessary to cease all movement. Marko says that lying flat for too long after back surgery can be a mistake. As you spend more time in bed, or even on your couch, it will make you weaker and stiffer.

She explains that “we need to move those joints, because they contain fluid which acts like gravy once heated.” The fluid lubricates the joints better the hotter it is. Marko says that “motion is like lotion”.

The best way to ensure a faster and easier recovery is by optimizing your fitness before surgery. Marko recommends consulting with a therapist prior to your procedure. Marko says that if you are in pain, it may be hard to move around. But a physical therapist can help you strengthen the muscles and joints surrounding the problematic area.

Marko suggests that you look for a clinician with an OCS designation, or Orthopaedic clinical specialist, as this indicates that they have advanced training. Rehab is a crucial piece to the puzzle, and you should begin thinking about it well in advance of your surgery. Marko warns that if you delay scheduling an appointment after surgery, you may end up waiting on a list. Physical therapy that is delayed can hinder progress.

Marko advises that even if you are unsure of your schedule, you should still book some appointments, so you have the option to change them later if necessary. It’s easier to manage your schedule after surgery when you are still groggy and in the healing stage if you know you already have an appointment.

When you are preparing for back surgery remember that the recovery process is both time-consuming and requires effort. You will have to wait patiently for your body’s healing, but you can speed up the process by getting into shape prior to surgery, by staying active after surgery, by adhering your exercise precautions and by working closely with your physical therapist.

The TENS device is a battery operated unit that sends low- or high-intensity electrical impulses to your skin through electrodes. The TENS device for back pain does not treat the underlying condition of your spine, but may help with pain relief and other symptoms.

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